It is very difficult to classify different types of events, campaigns, parties, holidays and various forums because they are in constant symbiosis, blending into each other. Genres have been numerous and have many styles, trends and variations but this is the future!

Practically all private, corporate, branch or other events can become special, if it is different from the others and is done by professionals who are good at their job and do it with a lot of creativity and desire to seek and achieve its attractiveness and uniqueness.

However, we will try to categorize different types of events, with the understanding that they can always "spill over" into each other, to be synthesized creatively, conceptually and aesthetically, to be remembered for a long time so that they can reach its maximum effect and purpose.

Between the following types of events you will surely find yours but it would be even more interesting to come up with a completely new kind of event that will take your breath away.


1. Social events

2. Special events


3. Business and industry events and forums


4. Corporate and company holidays and events


5. Political events


6. City and district festivals and others.


7. Musical and artistic events


8. Children's events


9. Sport Events


10. Personal, family and private events and celebrations


11. Official national, international and religious holidays and events


12. All kinds of festivals