Specialized services


♦ Catering


♦ Art PR


♦ VIP transport


♦ Makeup


♦ Decorations


♦ Management and managing artistic and creative projects, performances and events


♦ Consultations of any kind to young artists, groups, troupes and ensembles in general disciplines


♦ Consultations of all kinds of young professionals and artists working in showbiz, entertainment and all genres, styles, trends and tendencies of contemporary arts.


♦ Styling and ordering clothes and stage costumes


♦ Merchandising


♦ Fundraising for specific projects, events, activities, services, etc. - Sponsors, advertisers, donors, patrons, etc.


♦ Specialized security and face control


♦ Scenography and decors


♦ Unique surprises


♦ All other necessary specialized services according to each case, requirement, event, campaign, etc.